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The in-game console is accessible via the Grave Accent (`) key on a both ANSI and ISO keyboards. Located in the upper left quadrant next to the one (1) key.

The console allows you to issue a variety of textual commands to the games server both in Single Player and Multiplayer game mode. However, most Multiplayer servers restrict access to commands.


Crafting Stations
item flower1 [amount] (A purple flower)
item flower2 [amount] (A white flower)
item flower3 [amount] (A orange flower)
item flower4 [amount] (A blue flower)
item flower5 [amount] (A yellow flower)
item flower6 [amount] (A red flower)

Red: item flower6

item apple [amount]
item broccoli [amount]
item carrot [amount]
item cherry [amount]
item chilipepper [amount]
item corncob [amount]
item lemon ([amount]
item lettuce [amount]
item potato [amount]
item pumpkin [amount]
item strawberry [amount]
item sugarbeet [amount]
item tomato [amount]
item watermelon [amount]
item aluminiumingot [amount]
item copperingot [amount]
item ironingot [amount]
item goldingot [amount]
item mithrilingot [amount]
item silveringot [amount]
item tungsteningot [amount]
spawnnpc bear
spawnnpc boar
spawnnpc camel
spawnnpc chicken
spawnnpc cow
spawnnpc deer
spawnnpc donkey
spawnnpc elephant
spawnnpc fox
spawnnpc giraffe
spawnnpc goat
spawnnpc horse
spawnnpc jaguar
spawnnpc moose
spawnnpc penguin
spawnnpc pig
spawnnpc polarbear
spawnnpc rabbit
spawnnpc rhinoceros
spawnnpc sheep
spawnnpc tiger
item ore [amount] 15 (Coal)
item ore [amount] 1 (Dirt)
item ore [amount] 10 (Dry dirt)
item ore [amount] 2 (Grass)
item ore [amount] 3 (Stone)
item ore [amount] 4 (Gravel)
item ore [amount] 6 (Farmland)
item ore [amount] 7 (Mud)
item ore [amount] 8 (Snow)
item ore [amount] 9 (Sand)
Sandstone: item ore [amount] 11
Clay: item ore [amount] 12
Coal: item ore [amount] 15

Hellstone: item ore [amount] 16

item aluminiumplate [amount]
item copperplate [amount]
item ironplate [amount]
item goldplate [amount]
item silveplate [amount]
item tungstenplate [amount]
Recipe Resources
item cloth [amount]
item cotton [amount]
item aluminiumrod [amount]
item copperrod [amount]
item ironrod [amount]
item goldrod [amount]
item silverrod [amount]
item tungstenrod [amount]
item saplingacacia [amount]
item saplingbirch [amount]
item saplingmaple [amount]
item saplingpalm [amount]
item saplingpoplar [amount]
item saplingspruce [amount]
item saplingwillow [amount]
item axesteel [amount]
item crowbar [amount]
item chainsaw [amount]
item hoe [amount]
item hoesteel [amount]
item huntingknife [amount]
item miningdrill [amount]
item oredetector [amount]
item pickaxe [amount]
item pickaxesteel [amount]
item rake [amount]
item rollingpin [amount]
item sledgehammer [amount]
item sledgehammersteel [amount]
item sickle [amount]
item scythe [amount]
item waterskin [amount]
item canteen [amount]
item bucketmetal [amount]
item flare [amount]
item tnt [amount]
item clockold [amount]
item compassold [amount]
item telescope [amount]
item binocular [amount]